The French History Podcast

The history of France from 3mya to present

A weekly history podcast that will cover France from 3 million years ago to the present. Presented by Dr. Gary Girod, with contributions by numerous scholars.

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About The French History Podcast

Explore carefully crafted narratives in each episode, delving into the diverse epochs, events, and influential individuals that have shaped France into the nation we recognize today. Dr. Girod's captivating storytelling, profound expertise, academic partnerships, and contagious enthusiasm breathe life into history, offering accessibility and engagement for history enthusiasts and inquisitive minds alike.

If you haven’t listened before, you should start with a fan-favorite episode, “French Melodrama and Chinese Politics by Michelle Chun-Han Hsu.” Discover what a Belle Époque play can tell us about France's understanding of China.

Know Your French Trivia: Why are there so many Kings named Louis? Impress your friends. Find the answer, here.

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The Team

Gary Girod

Host & Creator
Dr. Gary Girod is a historian who received his Ph.D. in modern British & French history from the University of Houston in 2021.