True Crime Psychology and Personality

Inside the Minds of Dangerous Criminals

Dr. Todd Grande dives deep into the pathology behind some of the most horrendous crimes and those who commit them. We discuss topics like narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, and antisocial personality disorder from a scientifically informed perspective.

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About True Crime Psychology and Personality

In each episode, Dr. Grande goes beyond the surface of true crime narratives, peeling back the layers to unravel the psychological intricacies that drive individuals to commit unthinkable acts. Drawing from his extensive expertise, he examines the complex web of personality disorders, including narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, and antisocial personality disorder, shedding light on the factors that contribute to the creation of dangerous criminals.

True Crime Psychology & Personality provides a scientifically informed perspective, offering listeners a unique insight into the minds of those who perpetrate horrifying crimes. Dr. Grande's in-depth analysis goes beyond sensationalism, fostering a deep understanding of the psychological factors that underpin criminal behavior. If you're fascinated by the intersection of true crime and psychology, True Crime Psychology & Personality is your go-to source for thought-provoking discussions and unparalleled insights into the darkest corners of the human mind.

Don't miss out on the latest episodes and stay connected with our vibrant true crime community. Listen now and let's explore the fascinating intersection of psychology and crime together!

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The Team

Todd Grande

Dr. Todd Grande has a Ph.D. in counselor education and supervision and is a licensed professional counselor of mental health as well as a licensed chemical dependency professional.

Christopher Breitigan

Christopher has over 8 years of experience designing and developing digital products across different mediums and industries.