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Downtown Cleveland is where it's at!

This podcast features guest interviews with some of Cleveland’s finest and gives perspective on what makes the 216 one of the best urban cities in America. Hear about the dreams, risks and realities of the next evolution in Downtown Cleveland’s growth.

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Latest Episode

The second episode of Then There's Cleveland features special guests Phyllis Seven Harris, Executive Director of Cleveland’s LGBT Community Center, and Kerry McCormack, Ward 3 Cleveland City Councilman. Hosts Lauren and Michael ask our guests to share their expertise and experiences on the subjects of diversity and inclusion, what sets Cleveland apart from other major cities, and ways we can do better. Both Phyllis and Kerry talk about the equitable work being done and ways Cleveland can improve to attract and retain the best talent.

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Downtown Cleveland’s Renaissance: Big Bets. Big Investments. Bold Leadership.

Then There's Cleveland | S:1 E:1
The first episode of Then There's Cleveland features hosts Lauren and Michael asking guests Tom Yablonsky, one of Cleveland's well known underdogs Executive Director for the Historic Warehouse District and Historic Gateway District as well as and Justin Bibb, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at KeyBank who discuss some very poignant questions about Downtown Cleveland's renaissance.
Listen to Downtown Cleveland’s Renaissance: Big Bets. Big Investments. Bold Leadership.

Sneak Peak

Then There's Cleveland
Arriving on May 6, 2019, a new podcast from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, hosted by Lauren Niepokny and Michael Deemer.
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More about Downtown Cleveland Alliance

For the past 13 years, Downtown Cleveland Alliance has worked diligently to create a cleaner, safer environment for every person that lives, works, plays, or visits Downtown Cleveland. Staying true to the organization’s name, the Alliance does not work alone. Our allies include the local government, our neighborhood-based partners, property owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs, young professionals, foundations, and other civic leaders who share our mission and understand the value of a dynamic downtown. Together we enhance the quality of life in our Special Improvement District by facing challenges and identifying opportunities that help position downtown for success.

Please visit the official Downtown Cleveland Alliance website for more information.

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Electronic Press & Media Kit

For all those who bleed CLE like Lauren or have transplanted here like Michael, this conversation about all things happening in The Land will have not only the kids from Cleveland beaming with pride but may even convince all the naysayers why our city is called “Believeland.”

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Jazz Music Will Never Die, and Here’s Why

Despite recent statistics, there is no reason to worry about the future of jazz.

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The Team

Michael Deemer

Pittsburgh native, Michael Deemer, has made Northeast Ohio his home for awhile now and is Downtown Cleveland Alliance's Executive Vice President of Business Development.

Lauren Niepokny

A Northeast Ohio native, Lauren Niepokny, is Downtown Cleveland Alliance's Marketing Coordinator.

Sarah Willgrube

When Sarah isn't using her rich background in film production to produce podcasts, you can find her painting or hiking the great outdoors.

Heather Holmes

Creative Director
As a boomerang Clevelander, Heather is the VP of Marketing & Public Relations for Downtown Cleveland Alliance, directing the strategies of content creation that best positions and showcases the city that she loves.

Eric Koltnow

Audio Engineer
With deep roots in music, Eric now focuses on recording, live sound reinforcement, audio post-production, and location sound.

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