Downtown Cleveland is where it's at!

This podcast features guest interviews with some of Cleveland’s finest and gives perspective on what makes the 216 one of the best urban cities in America. Hear about the dreams, risks and realities of the next evolution in Downtown Cleveland’s growth.

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Downtown Cleveland’s Renaissance: Big Bets. Big Investments. Bold Leadership.

| S:1 E:1

The first episode of Then There's Cleveland features hosts Lauren and Michael asking guests Tom Yablonsky, one of Cleveland's well known underdogs Executive Director for the Historic Warehouse District and Historic Gateway District as well as and Justin Bibb, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at KeyBank who discuss some very poignant questions about Downtown Cleveland's renaissance.

As one of Cleveland's behind the scenes champions, Tom gives perspective on how Downtown Cleveland positioned itself for the success we see today and Justin provides insight on exactly what it will take to continue the momentum.

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Perspectives on Growing Cleveland's Economy Through Diversity & Inclusion

Then There's Cleveland | S:1 E:2
Hosts Lauren and Michael ask our guests to share their expertise and experiences on the subjects of diversity and inclusion, what sets Cleveland apart from other major cities, and ways we can do better.
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Sneak Peak

Then There's Cleveland
Arriving on May 6, 2019, a new podcast from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, hosted by Lauren Niepokny and Michael Deemer.
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