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Informal interviews with homesteaders, cooks, gardeners and employees will help you take the next step on your journey to a simpler life. Escape the chaotic, stressful world for about seven minutes and learn how to live a satisfying life, enjoying time with family and friends.

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Stacy Lyn Harris is a best-selling cookbook author, blogger, speaker, wife, and mother of seven children. We like to call her the diva of the dinner table and the princess of wild game cooking Being the mother of seven children she has learned that the simpler life isn’t easy along with other misconceptions of what this phrase means. Tune in to find out what the simpler life is and what it isn’t from the southern charm of Stacy Lyn Harris.

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Michelle Visser: Cooking Up Something Sweet…With Maple Syrup!

Tune in to meet and learn from Michelle Visser. Author of the new book Sweet Maple (out now!) was was at Lehman’s to talk about how she has cut out refined sugar completely and is now exclusively baking with…yup, you guessed it, maple syrup.
Listen to Michelle Visser: Cooking Up Something Sweet…With Maple Syrup!

Jill Winger: Being Old-Fashioned on Purpose

In this episode you’ll hear from Jill Winger author of the Prairie Homestead cookbook whom we were lucky enough to have visit Lehman’s this summer. Jill lives out on the wide-open Wyoming prairie with her husband and three “free-range” prairie children.
Listen to Jill Winger: Being Old-Fashioned on Purpose

Employee Spotlight: Amy Murray

Get to know Amy by tuning in to this week’s episode of Solutions for a Simpler Life, then take a trip to Lehman’s in Kidron, OH to meet Amy in person!
Listen to Employee Spotlight: Amy Murray

Joel Salatin: Back at Lehman’s!

| E:8
Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms is a farmer, author and as we like to call him “Pastor of the Pasture.” Joel had a second visit to Lehman’s this summer and we can’t help but soak in the wealth of knowledge that Joel shares with us. Tune in to hear his tips for making your homestead the most efficient it can be.
Listen to Joel Salatin: Back at Lehman’s!

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Why was Lehman's voted the best place to visit in Amish Country? Why is there "a store nowhere else" like us? Because we exist to create A Simpler Life for you and your loved ones. With a print catalog, web site ( and rambling retail store, Lehman's shelves are stacked with practical, simple product for your homestead and your garden. Hand tools, oil lamps, gardening products, cool cooking and baking supplies, and of course, non-electric appliances. We have every thing you need to live without electricity for heat, food, light and water. Or just bake a nice loaf of bread.

Please visit the official Lehman's website for more information.

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Glenda Lehman Ervin

Glenda Lehman Ervin, Vice President of Marketing at Lehman’s and daughter of the funder Jay Lehman, will host Solutions to a Simpler Life. “I have made candles and soap, the next step on my journey to a simpler life is to make cheese.”

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