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Informal interviews with homesteaders, cooks, gardeners and employees will help you take the next step on your journey to a simpler life. Escape the chaotic, stressful world for about seven minutes and learn how to live a satisfying life, enjoying time with family and friends.

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Roger Meyers has been a long time employee of Lehman’s and even before working at Lehman’s he was truly living the Lehman’s lifestyle. Grown up a farm boy this country loving guy is still raising animals, making and baking from scratch and just enjoying every aspect of this life he’s built.

If you’re stopping by Lehman’s definitely take some time to talk with Roger. From animals and gardening to water pumps and baking bread, he’ll be able to answer most any question you have about living a homestead life.

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Doug and Stacy: A Day on The Homestead

Evergreen Podcasts
As we working on getting you more details for Doug and Stacy's return to Lehman's for A Day on the Homestead on April 18, 2020, tune in to this rerun from Doug and Stacy’s visit in 2018. We hope you’ll come visit Lehman’s in April to talk with them in person about all the exciting things they are up to now.
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Start a Journey and Better Your Life Anytime of the Year

Evergreen Podcasts
There’s never a wrong time to make an improvement. As we start a new year and a new decade let’s think about what a simpler life is AND what it isn’t. You might be surprised…we never said it was easy.
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A Christmas Poem from Lehman's

Evergreen Podcasts
While on this winter break Lehman’s is bringing you a little something to keep the holly jolly spirit going. From the Lehman’s family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas!
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Kathy Harrison: Being a “Prepper” but not for Zombies

Evergreen Podcasts
Kathy and her husband along with their seven children own a small hobby farm. They raise bees, have an orchard and grow organic vegetables. They also raise a few pigs and chickens. She has written two books on family preparedness for Story Publishing...
Listen to Kathy Harrison: Being a “Prepper” but not for Zombies

More about Lehman's Hardware Store

Why was Lehman's voted the best place to visit in Amish Country? Why is there "a store nowhere else" like us? Because we exist to create A Simpler Life for you and your loved ones. With a print catalog, web site ( and rambling retail store, Lehman's shelves are stacked with practical, simple product for your homestead and your garden. Hand tools, oil lamps, gardening products, cool cooking and baking supplies, and of course, non-electric appliances. We have every thing you need to live without electricity for heat, food, light and water. Or just bake a nice loaf of bread.

Please visit the official Lehman's website for more information.

The Team

Glenda Lehman Ervin

Glenda Lehman Ervin is the VP of Marketing at Lehman’s and daughter of the founder Jay Lehman. “I have made candles and soap, the next step on my journey to a simpler life is to make cheese.”