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5 Ideas for the Best Family Movie Night Ever

5 Ideas for the Best Family Movie Night Ever

Everyone loves going to the movie theater to watch a new movie on the big screen, but sometimes the very best movie nights are movie nights spent at home. The Evergreen Team would like to share a few ideas to make your next family movie night picture-perfect, and we recommend listening to some GREENLIGHT Reviews podcast episodes to help you decide which movie to watch!

Picking out the movie is always the hardest part. Let your children listen to them as well - they will love being able to help with the entire planning process! Here are a few of our suggestions...

1. Plan it out!

Set a date, put it on the calendar, and hype it up to make everyone excited about movie night! You can even make a countdown on the fridge to feed the kids’ anticipation. Involve the kids in the planning, asking them for ideas and their help, but make sure that you keep some things secret! You want them to be surprised and to exceed their expectations!

2. Build a crazy, comfy fortress!

Blow up an air mattress or two, or even an inflatable pool lounger. Or blow up a giant inflatable swimming pool and fill it with pillows and blankets! Grab some sleeping bags and lots of pillows and make a tent around your snug fortress with sheets. Your kids might never ask to go to the movie theater again!

3. Think outside the [popcorn] box!

Popcorn and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly, but instead of just offering microwaved popcorn, consider making popcorn on the stove (the old-fashioned and healthier way!), and then set up a “popcorn bar” and let the family turn it into whatever kind of popcorn they want! Have some butter and salt on hand for those who like classic buttered popcorn. Fill bowls with chocolate chips, caramels, m&ms, Reese's pieces, crushed Oreos, or peanuts to give everyone lots of options to make the craziest, yummiest popcorn they’ve ever had.

4. Make snacks that coordinate with the movie!

Watching Frozen? Add popsicles to the menu! Finding Nemo? Add goldfish to your popcorn, or stick some Swedish fish inside blue jello! Inside Out? Make sure you have colorful candies to match all of the colorful characters! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Make some meatballs, and if you’re feeling really crazy, serve them on top of ice cream!

5. Turn it into a game!

Make your movie night interactive, since this is something you cannot do at a movie theater! Come up with a fun game to keep everyone entertained and interested in the movie. If you’re watching Madagascar, have everyone eat animal crackers every time an animal makes a funny joke. (The monkey made you laugh? Eat the monkey cracker!) If you’re not into games, then try dressing up in the theme of the movie. Put on your prettiest princess costume for Cinderella, or your best cowboy getup for Toy Story!

We hope that your movie night is an absolute blast and that you enjoy this family time as much as your children do!

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