A Podcast Playlist Just for MothersCategory:Culture

Celebrate the amazing moms and other mother figures in your life with stories of courage, strength, and womanhood.

All of us at Evergreen Podcasts would like to wish you and yours a Happy Mother's Day. We've gathered up a sampling of some of the best podcasts featuring leading ladies of the world. Enjoy a listen on us! And have a calm and relaxing weekend! - Team Evergreen

Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir is a record-breaking basketball player, she is also a Muslim. When Bilquis was ready to go to pro she never imagined that it would be her hijab that prevented her from playing, but that’s exactly what it was. This is her story.

Amy McGrath says raising her three young children keeps her "very grounded to daily life," during a hectic and high-profile campaign for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat in Kentucky. Listen to Amy's conversation with Ken Harbaugh in the most recent episode of Burn the Boats and learn more about her background as a Marine fighter pilot and her ongoing campaign for Senate.

You can believe, Your Teen hosts Sue and Step know a thing or two about motherhood. Turns out, getting a great night's sleep is less complicated than you might think. Dr. Marc Milstein shares some simple tricks we can all use to get some solid rest – what better Mother's Day gift than the sleep of your dreams?

Shelly Gracon has spent the past two years incubating and executing her larger vision for an innovative and creative space, from co-working areas and offices to an organization that focuses on female entrepreneurs. Celebrate one woman's entrepreneurial spirit that glows!

Happy Mother's Day from Team Evergreen!

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