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Evergreen Partners with Sound Talent Media – A Dynamic Duet

Evergreen Partners with Sound Talent Media – A Dynamic Duet

Sharing a common vision to connect and support their podcast originals, and to deliver a diverse lineup of curated shows, Evergreen Podcasts is partnering with Sound Talent Media with the launch of an expanded channel of music and lifestyle podcasts.

“Great synergies between our teams and strength in numbers will make for a winning partnership between Sound Talent and Evergreen,” says Michael DeAloia, Evergreen CEO. “This collaboration will allow both networks to grow audiences, produce fresh new programming and increase listenership.”

Sound Talent Media’s growing network includes more than 25 shows focused on music and lifestyle. Podcasts like The Punk Rock MBA, Axe To Grind, Chris DeMakes A Podcast, The Ex-Man with Doc Coyle and more, offer “something for every listener.” Since launching in 2020, the Sound Talent catalog has seen exponential growth in downloads with a slate of shows that continues to climb the charts. The network is a project of the talent agency, Sound Talent Group.

Evergreen Podcasts has been named by Rain News as one of the top emerging podcast networks in the industry. The company has scaled dramatically, from 18,000 listens in 2017 to over 6 million downloads in 2021. Now topping over 1 million plays per month and featuring over 130 podcasts across four branded networks, Evergreen has become known for its agile content strategies and innovative partnerships.

“This venture stemmed from an initial discussion about cross-promotion between our catalogs,” explains Matt Andersen, co-founder of Sound Talent Media with Dave Shapiro, Tim Borror and Mike Mowery. “As we got to know each other, we found a lot of shared philosophies between our companies,” says Andersen, who notes it was a series of organic discussions that moved talks from cross-promotion to channel partners.

“We are excited to be in business with such a talented team of creators and look forward to what we can accomplish together,” Andersen says.

Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and check out their complete lineup of shows. Their storytelling podcasts have something for everyone.

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