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Five Compelling Stories About Overcoming Adversity

Five Compelling Stories About Overcoming Adversity

Nowadays, it's so easy for us to get caught up in our own little bubbles. Social media algorithms only show us what we are used to seeing, and quarantine has kept us from staying engaged with the world. However, we can’t lose sight of what’s outside of our circle.

Billions of people live on this Earth, each with their own life, family, and story to tell. Hearing what just a few of these people have to say plays a large and important role in developing an empathetic understanding of the world. Here at Evergreen, we are dedicated to telling these stories. The Evergreen staff has put together a list to share five of our most compelling stories about people overcoming adversity.

Audie Murphy

Medal of Honor

In partnership with the National Medal of Honor Museum, Medal of Honor tells the story of Americans who have been bestowed with the nation's highest honor.

This episode is about Jacob Parrotts and his frontline encounter with the Germans in WWII.

Mansoor Shams: Muslim Marine

Burn the Boats

Mansoor Shams is a Muslim marine who served, before, during, and after 9/11. In this episode of Burn the Boats, Shams talks about dealing with islamophobia, microaggressions, and how faith impacts his relationship with his country.

He speaks of the Muslim American experience as a whole, and how he handles adversity with patience and understanding.

Give Him a Strong Name: Brittany and Her Boy

because I said I would S:1 E:5

Brittany’s story starts with her highschool sweetheart, and future husband Ryan. He was diagnosed with an “unknown bleeding disorder” that would push him into numerous testing rooms and treatments. Despite this, doctors agreed that it would be safe for Brittany and Ryan to have children. They had three healthy children, but their son Henry was an exception. Since birth, Henry had a myriad of health issues, all of which were somehow related to his blood.

In this episode, Brittany explains how she dealt with the countless hospital visits, misdiagnoses, and the emotional stress her family went through.

“Candide” by Voltaire

Novel Conversations

Novel Conversations is a podcast that summarizes and discusses great pieces of classic literature. In this episode, host Frank Lavallo (and friends) dissect Voltaire’s “Candide”. This story follows Candide as he encounters hardship after hardship throughout his journey.

Although this is not a true story, it can shed light on our own lives. The commentators discuss how this book is as much about the way we cope with struggle as the struggle itself. It’s a political commentary through a comedic lens that asks: “What are the ways we can deal with our problems?”

Alex and the Yupik People: Child Protection in the Alaskan Wilderness

because I said I would

Because I said I would is a podcast about promises made, kept, and even broken. In the first episode, we meet Alex, a former Forensic Investigator for Child Protective Services (CPS) in rural Alaska. He details the harsh reality he discovered through his work and the mental toll it brought him. Taking children from their parents because it was for the best was a difficult yet common occurrence for him.

One day, while on the job, he suffered a life-changing injury, and it spun him into a severe depression. Alex explains how a promise he made to his son ended up saving his life.

We hope you enjoy these stories, and that they provide helpful insight into the world beyond our own.

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