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Front Porch is Turning Evergreen!

Front Porch is Turning Evergreen!

As many of you know, our little company began in 2017 as The Front Porch People when our founder, Joan Andrews, began sharing stories in the podcast format. She created stimulating, easygoing, engaging content that people could listen to throughout their day – whether driving across town, home folding laundry, or jogging around the neighborhood. It was Joan’s goal to build a community of listeners who really enjoyed exploring the great works of our culture and discussing them like neighbors on the front porch (hence the name).

Joan’s dream quickly grew into much more than this, and in October of 2018, the team at Front Porch launched Evergreen Podcasts – a network home to Original, Partner, and Branded shows.

Evergreen Podcasts holds the same values as Front Porch and offers an ever-expanding catalog worldwide. Our name is derived from the stories we tell. We share tales that don’t expire. We report on human ideas and creations. We don’t aim our focus on the trending news cycles that quickly fade in relevance. We tell stories that you can listen to tomorrow, next year, and the next decade. In this way, we create Podcasts for Life.™

We’re excited to welcome Joan’s original Front Porch shows to Evergreen. You can expect to hear the same great stories, created by the same quality team, under this growing, new brand. Check out our Front Porch Classics... now on Evergreen Podcasts!

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