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Listen Up, People! HR Podcasts With Real Talk & Ideas

Listen Up, People! HR Podcasts With Real Talk & Ideas

From creating a more people-friendly recruiting world to talking talent and striving to be inclusive "AF," Evergreen Podcasts serves up a selection of podcasts on the HR channel that cover human resources, technology, innovation, diversity and more.

Here's a look at trending HR shows on Evergreen Podcasts.

The Hiring Partner Perspective

Katrina Collier is an author, speaker and facilitator who wants recruiters to treat people better and make the experience better for everyone. That's her mission, and The Hiring Partner Perspective speaks directly to HR, talent acquisition and hiring managers.

"In a sea of millions of podcasts, ensuring that your guests are heard is the challenge for any podcast host," says Collier. "Responding to Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman's idea, Evergreen has been able to create an HR channel that not only provides visibility for our podcasts, it makes it easy for those working in and around the world of HR to find us. It's a win-win, and separates Evergreen from its competition."

The Recruitment Flex

Recruiting trends, industry news, technology and other tips. You'll hear about this and more with The Recruitment Flex, which includes interviews with global names in the industry. Hosts Serge and Shelley have a collective 40 years of experience in recruiting, and their show delivers the expertise seasoned and developing HR leaders need.

"In our quest to become a source of great information, we met some incredible people along the way and as luck would have it, met the folks at Evergreen Podcast Network," says Serge Boudreau. "We are beyond excited to be brought into the fold with true thought leaders in HR and the Recruitment Industry."

Talent Rebelcast

Get ready for some truth bombs sprinkled with laughs. Talent Rebelcast hosts Tracey Parsons and Allyn Bailey know talent. They don't sugarcoat the tough stuff. Their Chats with Smart People episodes highlight talent gurus at known sources like CommSource and Hiredscore.

"The lineup on the network is just a smart group of game changers," say Parsons and Bailey. "To be invited to be a part of this group is humbling, exciting, and frankly an honor. We cannot wait to bring a little spice to the lineup."

Inclusive AF

During the day, hosts Jackye Clayton and Katee Van Horn block bias and work toward ending systemic racism. Their goal: to help companies create equitable work environments. They're also best friends who love to entertain difficult conversations about their life experiences. If you're looking for some honest talk about diversity, equity and inclusion, Inclusive AF is where you'll find it.

"Jackye and I are excited to partner with Evergreen podcasts and join an amazing lineup of shows. The Inclusive AF podcast will broaden viewership and hopefully shed light on pressing issues around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We need to be having these conversations - Jackye and I are sharing ours in each episode," says Katee Van Horn.

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