Teen Real Talk: Parenting Podcasters Interview Each Other About Guiding Young People

Teen Real Talk: Parenting Podcasters Interview Each Other About Guiding Young People

What happens when three powerhouse podcasters interview each other? You get magical real talk about parenting teens and young adults. High School Hamster Wheel’s Betsy Jewell sat down separately with the hosts of Your Teen with Sue and Steph. AND — Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman traded the mic with Betsy who moved into their guest’s seat.

Listen in on what they have to say about why parenting is like running your own little business, what they would have done differently if only they’d known better, and how they have learned to respond and grow when kids push them out of their comfort zones. Oh, and don’t miss Stephanie’s advice to her former teenage self (Hint: It has something to do with that comfort zone and butterflies).

Confirming, and confirming again, that there is no one way to parent teenagers, these Evergreen Podcasts entrepreneurs explore everything from career discovery to monumental transition moments, especially after high school.

If you don’t have a teen, you’ll find wisdom and warnings in their anecdotes that will prepare you for what’s to come. And if you do have teenagers … then you’ll really get it.

A little about these three entrepreneurs, moms, and savvy gals. Betsy — she’s a career exploration specialist and mother of two teenage sons. Her mission, she says, is to help parents of teens explore all paths during and after high school. Stephanie is a mother of three young adults and left corporate America to eventually build Your Teen Media with her friend, Susan — a former lawyer and mother of five with decades of parenting experience and wisdom to share.

Both podcasts require your attention. Listen to great interviews with fascinating experts and best-selling authors, along with some funny and revealing personal stories.

Listen to all of the interviews below:

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