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The Top Ten Podcasts for College Students to Help Them Succeed

The Top Ten Podcasts for College Students to Help Them Succeed

We know how challenging college can be. Late nights studying, early morning classes, and so so much caffeine.

College is that much harder when it's your first year. Transitioning from high school to dorm life can be tough. Learning new studying habits, and creating lasting relationships is even harder.

Below we've compiled a list of the Top Ten Podcasts that can help you make it through your time at college.

Everything from keeping your dorm clean, engaging your mind, and of course, podcasts for your downtime, we’ve included them all.

The College Info Geek Podcast: Study Tips & Advice for Students

The hosts of this podcast cover almost everything you need to know about college. From making extra money to studying hints they have it all. Think of this podcast as your prep work before and during school.

Not only do they help you during college, but they also help prepare you for graduating college and joining the job force with tips about resumes and looking attractive to companies.

Listen Here!

Ted Talks Daily

Ted Talks Daily is a staple podcast for busy students. It's the perfect podcast to listen to on your daily walk to class.

With a wide range of topics, this podcast helps you become more knowledgeable and a better person. Episodes range between 5-25 minutes and cover topics like how drawing can set you free, and the secret to staying cool under pressure.


Hackable is the podcast that is going to save you from getting hacked and teach you how to avoid those pesky email scams.

If you need to learn how to set up your wifi in a safe and secure way, or want to learn about keeping your credit card information safe from false chip readers go listen!

Life Kit

Life kit goes into everything you need not just for college but for life.

Prep for being an adult by listening to episodes like raising happy houseplants and body positivity.

On the more serious side, you can listen to episodes about helping out a friend when they are struggling or episodes on processing grief.


Being creative is an outlet for many college students. Sitting down and painting and sketching, or maybe creating digital artwork is an excellent way to relax after stressful midterms.

Listen here to interviews with creative people about their processes and discuss the way they create art. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next project.

Song Exploder

Listening to music while studying is a classic way of gaining focus. But do you ever get curious about the stories behind those songs?

Song Exploder is a podcast that dives into each individual song and goes into how they are made and the stories behind them.

Novel Conversations

Another great podcast for students to listen to is Novel Conversations.

It’s perfect for any student in a writing or literary class and covers amazing novels from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to Farhenhieght 451.

This podcast summarizes “the world’s greatest works of classic literature .... If SparkNotes had an audio best friend, it would be us!”


Need that true crime fix during your weekend? If it's time to relax then it's time to listen to your new favorite crime podcast.

Try Criminal, it's a true-crime podcast with plenty of episodes to keep your attention all semester long.

Just maybe don’t listen alone at night.

How to Do Everything

Not much more needs to be said besides the title of this podcast.

How to Do Everything is humorous and punny and full of helpful, and sometimes weird-and-wacky tips.

And when they say “how to do everything” they mean it. They cover everything from keeping your french fries crispy to opening velcro bags quietly.

Inside the Boards

This podcast is the perfect match for any medical student.

Inside the Boards is a podcast that covers “all the high-yield topics you're likely to see on a board exam.”

So if you need that extra little help for an upcoming exam, listen up (now available on the Evergreen website! )

Reply All

What's better for the up-and-coming college students then a podcast all about the internet.

Absolutely nothing!

Reply All is just that. Their tagline is literally “a podcast about the internet”.

This is the podcast to listen to when you don’t want to think about school for a while.

Listen Money Matters

All college students know that being careful with money matters. Those extra snacks and meals add up, so do books and school supplies.

Listen Money Matters goes into discussing all things money. Tips, tricks, and saving advice. Their advice is down to earth with an amusing twist. Be entertained while becoming savvier with your cash.

And hey, they have over 300 episodes, a four-year college degree should be plenty of time to finish them all!

We at Evergreen hope these podcasts will be helpful in your college endeavors!

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