Top Five Podcasts to Listen to While Cooking

Top Five Podcasts to Listen to While Cooking

With everyone in quarantine or social distancing, many are turning to cooking as the new skill to learn. Cheaper than taking online classes, and tastier than learning yoga, cooking seems to be all over everyone's Instagram feed. Everywhere you look, people are sharing all sorts of quarantine recipes from bread to potstickers to homemade pasta.

But cooking requires a lot of time and your full attention. So what can you do while cooking?

Try reading a book while you are baking and you may end up with brownie batter covering the answer to the who-dun-it, or eating a slice of cheesecake and finding that bookmark you thought you lost.

Streaming TV could be the answer, but then you can get in trouble when you are distracted for too long watching the screen, and the soup you created boils over.

Here at Evergreen, we believe podcasts are the perfect solution.

No screen to take your eyes off the task at hand and no pages to catch on fire. Nothing you can drop in batter or accidentally end up in the oven. Listening to a podcast while cooking is the easiest way to keep your mind active while creating delicious creations to brag about to all your friends.

Here are the Top Five Podcasts to Listen to While Cooking:

The Kitchen Counter

Struggle with recipes or just like easy to follow instructions? This podcast might be for you. The Kitchen Counter is a podcast about cooking by a cook. In some episodes, the host talks you through creating a mouth-watering dish step by step. Just look for the “Let’s Cook” titles. Other episodes talk you through the proper way of washing veggies, and similar helpful tips and tricks.

And best yet, The Kitchen Counter is a no-judgment zone, so feel free to hop on over to their blog and ask any questions about cooking you may have.

Looking for the perfect dish to cook this weekend? Try this Chicken Marsala!

The Food Seen

Need help taking those artful photos of your meals to post on social media? The Food Seen is a podcast all about the crossroads of food, art, and design.

Everything about art, cooking, and design combine in this podcast with the host Michael Harlan Turkell discussing everything from interior design to food stylists.

Who knows, maybe listening to this podcast will inspire you to become a food photographer, even if you are only sending the photos to grandma.

Spilled Milk

Want something more lighthearted and fun to listen to while cooking? Spilled milk combines comedy and cooking, mixes it up in a blender, fills up a nice tall glass, and garnishes it with a sprinkle of adult humor.

Spilled Milk starts off with a food-related topic for each forty five minute episode, and the hosts Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster take it as far as they can go.

99% Invisible

Don’t want to listen about food while cooking? Try 99% Invisible. This show talks about all the design choices that people usually don’t notice.

Ever wonder why women wear wedding dresses, or how toilet paper was invented? Maybe you want to learn more about diamonds while cooking on your lunch break. This podcast covers it all.

Novel Conversations

Love books but don’t want to spill your mom’s secret gravy on them? Try Novel Conversations. Listen to the world's best novels being analyzed and summarized.

Maybe you have an essay due on The Great Gatsby, but you also want to cook dinner for your family. The perfect solution is the episode that gives you the information you need, in a way that leaves your hands free.

This podcast can give you that life-saving fix for your book addiction, without the mess.

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