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Best of 2021 - Joel's Picks

The year that was 2021 didn't turn out exactly as expected. Business travel didn't come back, the Delta variant threw a big monkey wrench in the party that should've been and we'll have to push pause on another Roaring '20s. The industry, however, kept us talking. We were busier than ever, and these are five episodes that really stood out in a year of standouts. This Best of has it all: Indeed, CareerBuilder, feisty recruiters, dumb employers and, of course, the ZipRecruiter IPO. Here's to a great year with an eye toward 2022. Enjoy!

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Firing Squad: BeRemote's Vivek Nigam

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Work from home is a thing. Maybe you've heard. This means vendors hoping to support employers with a remote workforce have a lot of tailwinds going in the right direction.
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Steak 'n' Handshake, Extra Lattice

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Love unicorns? How about triple unicorns?
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New Funding Alert: Lattice Makes It Rain

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go.
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Cult Brand REDUX

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Guess who's back? Back again? Cult Brand episodes are back and it's bigger and better than ever before.
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