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Burn, Build, Rinse & Repeat w/ JCK

When Indeed goes from $33-per to $300-per-applicant it's time to burn it down, build up something new, and then look to the future to rinse and repeat.

Seriously, can imagine discovering your cost-per-applicant on Indeed has gone from $33-per to $300-per-applicant. Well, that's just what happened to Jenny Cotie Kangas, director of digital experience and TA at Regis Corp. The boys dig into Jenny's story, her interactions with Indeed, and what she's done since to right the ship going forward. It's a cautionary tale every employer should know, so listen up!

After burning it to the ground you'll want to build your talent systems back with the best matching software in the industry. Sovren, AI so powerful it's scary. Scary good :)

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