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Deep Fake Recruiting

Remember seeing and hearing your first Deep Fake? Synthesized voices that sound like your favorite movie star. Not a great impressionist, on the contrary, algorithmically cloned voices where even the subtlest of nuances of a voice can be captured and recreated. Cringy, yet incredibly cool that tech could accomplish such a feat.

Yes, technology is advancing quickly and unfortunately many of the advances are seen as negative. Luckily, Ryan Steelberg, president, and founder of Veritone guides us through a more advanced cloned voice discussion.

On this episode we cover:

  • The difference between a deep fake and a "cloned" voices
  • Practical applications for using cloned voices
  • Where are chatbots headed?
  • Will this tech help candidate and employee engagement?
  • How do Pandologic and Wade and Wendy fit into the ecosystem?

Well kids, welcome to the Matrix.

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