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Dice Reports, CareerBuilder Downsizes

Hey kids, it’s The Shred for Aug. 8, 2018, brought to you by Whether you’re moving your systems to the cloud, building out a team for your next project, finding healthcare talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or training your employees on the latest technology, can deliver to ensure your organization’s long-term growth. To the news: DHI Group, the parent company for Dice, ClearanceJobs and eFinancialCareers reported earnings from Q2 last week. Earnings per share of 5 cents were in line with estimates, but revenue of $39.7 million, a 2.3 percent decrease from last year, missed by $570,000. Notably, Dice earnings of $23.5 million were an 8 percent decline year-over-year. New CEO Art Zeile noted a need to retain clients as well as doing a better job of keeping up with technology to remedy the company’s woes. In the earnings call, he was optimistic, saying “Although competitive pressures are high, market conditions support a business model based on a specialized offering for technology professionals, which plays to our strengths. We are moving aggressively to streamline our business in order to capitalize on this opportunity. We are also carefully managing our profitability and have a strong balance sheet. We are confident that the combination of these factors will enable DHI to deliver superior value to its shareholders over the long term.” In rebranding news, WebClipDrop, founded by Doug Berg, the guy who brought you and Jobs2Web, is now ZAPinfo. Berg says the new name better reflects the product and helps solve the problem of prospects for getting WebDropClip … or is that DropClipWeb … you get the idea. The company also raised $1.25 million in a seed round that was a mix of institutional money and angels. Lastly, Crain’s Chicago is reporting CareerBuilder headquarters is downsizing, moving the company out of its 162,000 square foot downtown digs for a 100,000 square foot space west of the city. Ahh, CareerBuilder, the gift that keeps on giving. Once again, thanks to our sponsor With over 48 years of experience and success, Judge is an industry leader in technology, talent and learning solutions. Judge is a family-owned business which has grown globally with offices in the United States, Canada, India and China. Learn more at j-u-d-g-e-dot-com. Cheesman out.

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