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Google Hire is Killing ATSs, Skype is Killing Video Interviewing, Dominos is Killing Delivery Drivers

The first show to follow Labor Day weekend finds the guys especially salty and feisty. They start the show with a rant about Dice that follows up one of their best interviews of the year. Then they bring it down a bit with some news from the pizza delivery space … delivery is about to get nutty and a lot of drivers are going to be unemployed.

Monster has dropped a new commercial that has the guys reminiscing about the Bugs Bunny cartoons of their youth. Trumpasaurus got a makeover and a big-time Park Ave. budget. Moving on from commercials to video interviewing, the boys talk about news from the acquisition files as one of the original video recruiting sites gets gobbled up, all the while an 800-pound gorilla named Skype awaits to destroy them all.

Lastly, remember how Google and Indeed turned job postings into commodities, starting about 10 years ago? Well, Google Hire is looking like it’s going to do the same to the ATS market today. SmartRecruiters is hunkering down for a world of free, and so should everyone else.

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