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Google is Dropping Bombs!

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

The Shred is brought to you by The Judge Group… Who is this Judge Group I keep hearing about? Well, Judge has over 48 years of experience and success in recruiting talent – namely IT and Healthcare talent. If you need Healthcare or IT professionals go to and tell them Chad & Cheese sent you — — I love that domain

Google drops another bomb on the recruitment tech space

Last week The Google Cloud Team made some intriguing announcements at their Next ’18 Conference…

Announcement #1

Google’s Jobs API is now open to everyone!!

That’s right kids the Google Job Search buffet line is open!

And this is great because we’ve heard stories about the success of Google’s Cloud Job Discovery – it’s obviously NOT due to Google’s marketing and product naming prowess, but purely due to Google’s amazing ability to kick machine learning and AI — square in the ass.

Now YOU can have great job search like Johnson and Johnson who is touting a 41% increase in qualified candidates applying to hard-to-fill positions like scientist positions HOLY SHIT are you kidding me? — or how about CareerBuilder who has developed recruiting technology for over a decade and pretty much said “Screw this job search stuff — Google’s does it better”

What does that mean for all of you vendors out there? Well, I’d start breathing deeply into a paper bag because EVERY EMPLOYER KNOWN TO HUMANKIND will be asking for your product to include Google Job Search.

Announcement #2

The wasckly wabbits over at Google Cloud just launched a new product name for their recruiting API services — Say goodbye to Cloud Jobs Discovery – that name sucked anyway… Say Hello to Cloud Talent Solution… Seriously Google? That’s the best you got?!?

Why a new name anyway? It’s a necessity since ANNOUNCEMENT #3 happened… a NEW CANDIDATE SEARCH API was launched. That’s right kids Google isn’t only going to outperform your job search, they’re going to embed their candidate search in candidate profile / resume db everywhere!

So grab that paper bag and start breathing in and out slowly because on this Friday’s episode of Chad & Cheese HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast we’re going to answer questions like:

  • What kind of stats will Google be sharing? We’ll give them to ya!
  • How good can this candidate search be anyway?
  • When will Google go the next step and provide candidate matching?
  • Is Indeed finally going to play ball?
  • What should Employers and Vendors do?
  • Does this heightened candidate search kill Boolean strings?
  • Will Careerbuilder just replace their logo with Google’s?
  • Chad was talking about the possibility of this new API last year… Why is Chad always right?

All that and more comin’ to you on this week’s Chad & Cheese Podcast…

Big thanks to Judge for supporting The Shred – The Judge Group People Powered Business Solutions – Judging people since 1970… and if you haven’t been Judged and you need Healthcare and IT professionals — what the hell are you waiting for? Check ’em out at – that’s J-U-D-G-E – DOT COM or email them at [email protected]


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