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Guess who's coming to Europe?

Guess who's coming to Europe?

On March 10th, 2017 The Chad and Cheese launched our first show. Over the years, Joel and I have focused heavily on the US market while trying our best to find relevant and smart global stories and as our global base of loyal listeners grew we started having discussions around a more European-based show, but we needed someone embedded in the European market to bring that certain je ne sais quoi, but most of all someone who could provide great European insights to our dumb American opinions.

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Zip Phils LinkedIn Fakes and Darwin's Box

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Yeah, yeah, there's a unicorn on this episode that'll make you think of SNL's "Dick in a Box" skit, but there's so much more.
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Europe is a Hot Mess

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Europe is a hot mess right now. Boris is apologizing. Putin is (probably) invading. Belgium is rioting.
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Firing Squad: BeRemote's Vivek Nigam

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Work from home is a thing. Maybe you've heard. This means vendors hoping to support employers with a remote workforce have a lot of tailwinds going in the right direction.
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Steak 'n' Handshake, Extra Lattice

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Love unicorns? How about triple unicorns?
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