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R.I.P. WT Employ

It's The Shred a mini Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS..

Remember J. Walter Thompson or as we've come to know JWT?

Nearly a year ago JWT merged with digital agency Wunderman to create Wunderman Thompson.

JWT's rebranded website says
"JWT has joined forces with Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson, a creative, data and technology agency built to inspire growth. With 20,000 people in 90 markets around the world, Wunderman Thompson is uniquely positioned to rethink business, culture and brand experiences, owning delivery from end-to-end."

Let's talk employment...

So, in this merger WT Employ was created to provide a bounty of employment-related solutions. ALTHOUGH Steven Rothberg was notified today that WT EMPLOY will STOP services at the end of 2019.

I followed up with a high ranking executive at WT Employ and asked if the shutdown was indeed true and received this response "Unfortunately, yes that is true. Our offering apparently doesn't align with Wunderman Thompsons's new leaderships vision." We've also reached out to the Wunderman mothership for a response and have received nothing thus far.

Ok, so let me get this straight Wunderman says "uniquely positioned to rethink business, culture and brand experiences, owning delivery from end-to-end." What about the millions of prospective candidates who are also customers of their clients - which means they buy shit - and interact with their customer's brand? What about them? They don't represent one of the end-to-ends?

Apparently once again we have a short-sighted advertising agency who doesn't understand that helping their clients become CULT BRANDS means PEOPLE MATTER FIRST - ALL PEOPLE. Without the people, your flashy storyboards and commercials are hollow and fake as fuck.

I bet TMP, Symphony, Recruitics, Bayard, and Shaker are happy to say goodbye. Goodbye WT EMPLOY... Rest in peace...

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