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It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

The Shred is brought to you by The Judge Group… Judge has over 50 years of experience and success in recruiting all kinds of talent – say you need IT or maybe even Healthcare talent. Well, it sounds like you need to visit and tell them Chad & Cheese sent you.

Breaking App News — that’s right app news — from Chad & Cheese Global HQ

QUESTION: Who is going to Vegas in September?
ANSWER: A shit ton of HRtech vendors that’s who… but why?

Well over a 4 day period – Sept 10-14 – there are at least 5 different HR tech-like events scheduled… and probably even more that I don’t even know about.

What are these events you speak of Chad:

» Sep 10-11 – Collaboration Zone – 1:1 meetups w/ current & potential partners, peer-to-peer roundtable discussions on hot topics
» Sep 10-11 – HR Marketing Matters – by HRMI: HR Marketing Institute
» Sep 10-11 – InfluenceHR – by The Starr Conspiracy
» Sep 11-13 – HR Technology Expo
» Sep 11-13 – SuccessConnect – by SAP SuccessFactors

With all of the hustle and bustle of Vegas combined with all of these shows, vendors and HR professionals how in the HELL am I supposed to plan meetings? Where do we meet? Who will be in town? What events will they be attending?

First and foremost…. BREATHE, you need to relax

ANSWER: There’s a new app for that it’s called HRtech Collaboration Zone… Holy shit that’s long…

HRtech Collaboration Zone is FREE and allows users to browse or should I say swipe through profiles of people in town who could be at any event — Swipe left to SKIP a contact or right to request to SCHEDULE a meeting with that person.

But wait a minue – scheduling a meeting in Vegas can be a pain in the ass, mainly because I don’t know WHERE to meet? No matter what event you’re attending you can use the App – it has a ton of meet-up spots – so no matter where you are you can find something close.

Last but not least, I downloaded the app just to make sure it didn’t suck… And…. It really doesn’t suck – actually, it’s kind cool. So if you’re going to be in Vegas in September go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store NOW and download the HRtech Collaboration Zone app.

Chad & Cheese will be there so look us up – you bring the beer!

Big thanks to Judge for supporting The Shred – The Judge Group over 50 years of experience and 5M professionals strong! If you have a need they have the right match whether it is contract, contract-to-hire, or direct placement. Check ’em out at – that’s J-U-D-G-E – DOT COM or email them at [email protected]


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