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It's The Shred a mini Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS.

It's Thursday Dec 5th and Neuvoo - also known as - The polite Indeed - is becoming.... Drumroll please, wait.. Yes, Gone will be the days of trying to spell and/or pronounce Neuvoo, Newo-veuoo or however you'd like to say it.

Reports say the url was purchased by Neuvoo for around $1.8 million Canadian about $1.3 US.

Quote from our friends at the now

"The change marks a new era for Neuvoo and will allow us to become a brand name careers search engine and a destination for job seekers around the world. Now with over 18 million job seekers coming to our site in the US each month. We feel will provide even more value and confidence for our candidates and clients to utilize our platform. Customers will see zero changes in the way we do business together."

That's the polite way of saying "We're not going to become dicks"

"This transition will happen over the next 6 months with no interruptions in service."

AND.. here's the big finish...

"You should have zero problems pronouncing our name going forward lol."

I mean seriously this is a very smart and necessary move. I mean can you imagine being in sales position and having to spell out your company name about 10 times on every single call? Hi this is Fred from, Neuvoo, no Neuvoo... That's N.E.U... Ahhhhh scerw it! I gotta say you had me at Hello.

Remember, the gap between #1 Indeed and #2 in this space is large but will a name change be the secret sauce. It sure the hell won't hurt and just about everyone is looking for ways to diversify their traffic sources to ensure they aren't beholden to the biggest Trojan Horse in our industry - Indeed.

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