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Talkin’ Vet Recruiting, LinkedIn’s Leapfrogging, Entelo’s Heavy Hitting & ipply’s Shuttering

The boys recorded this week’s show on Veteran’s Day in the U.S., so vet recruiting is top-of-mind. Considering Chad is an Army Vet, how could it not? CareerBuilder is partnering with this vet site, and rumors that Monster is making changes to abound.

On to other matters, LinkedIn continues to kickass and take names with a new integration with Microsoft Word. The move should have job sites, and even Google shaking in their New Balances. The company is also making Glassdoor a little nervous with a recent move.

Lastly, tons of news items, so the guys go a little rapid fire to cover stories from Sourceress, Entelo and Jobs2Careers’ ipply. There’s also new research on what kind of videos you should be making to recruit. They end with a PSA that you shouldn’t do this to the president.

As always, show our sponsors a little love. That’s an order! Sovren, America’s Job Exchange and Ratedly make it all happen.

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