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The Pull-Out Method

We cover a lot of countries in Europe on this episode, which is why we brought Oana Iordachescu, a talent acquisition specialist at Wayfair - who's worked in just about every country while at places like Facebook,, and Criteo - on the show. Where to begin our journey? Of course, there's Ukraine and Russia, where a wide variety of corporations are pulling out of Russia in light of the invasion. Then there's France, where Macron has started his reelection campaign, and to Germany where Zenjob has nabbed significant funding; then we head to the UK where they're humanizing the prison system and to Spain, where it's a tale of two cities, where the educated are happily employed, while the uneducated young are in dire straits. Want more? One of the cohosts has been banned on Reddit! And of course, there's more love for Elon Musk.

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