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TMP/AIA acquires Carve

It's The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS.

Remember back in April of 2018 when GEMSpring - Private Equity firm - bought TMP Worldwide and I said WTF is going on here? Well here's what's going on...

Today AIA, also know as TMP across the pond, made their 4th acquisition of the year... That's right kids TMP... Ummm Errrr... AIA.... acquired CKR Interactive in February which is still under the CKR banner, just recently Maximum who will remain under the Maximum banner, Perengo, which is now TMP Programmatic Jobs... And the 4th acquisition... Drum Roll Please

TMP / AIA / CKR / Maximum acquires Carve

Who is Carve... I'm glad you asked..

Carve, a London social media firm, has a rich heritage (13 year or so) of framing global social strategies that distinctly position its clients as leaders in the marketplace. The company is known for its ability to deliver forward-thinking social excellence for a range of high-profile clients.

I read social media firm, everyone can agree social is big right? and then high-profile clients. That's portfolio acquisition kids.

Carve’s product suite includes a social analytics dashboard to help clients identify trends, support decisions and drive ROI...

So TMP.. Dammit I mean AIA, since this is a EU conversation... AIA just added Maximum's tech to their stack recently and now they're adding the noisy, yet still undiscovered country of social. The company will continue to operate as Carve and be led by its current Chief Executive, Paul Harrison, with Darren Harris joining Carve as Managing Director.

Here's a quote from Michelle Abbey, President and CEO of AIA Worldwide. “This acquisition bolsters our ability to design and deploy sophisticated social strategies, leveraging Carve’s proven solutions to equip clients with a substantial competitive advantage in today’s war for talent. Carve’s live social dashboard delivers real-time monitoring and metrics, providing continuous ability to fine-tune campaign effectiveness. It’s an end-to-end solution in the pursuit of client success.”

Great moves being made by TMP, AIA or whoever the Hell you want to call them. Let's just hope they can make this alphabet soup and little easier to understand in the coming months - Great job all...

STAY TUNED as I'm sure we'll be talking more in-depth about these big moves later this week.

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Sowash Out!

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