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Uncommon Drops New Automated Sourcing Tool

It’s The Shred for November 6, 2018, brought to you by Guys, blockchain is all the rage right now. And if you’re like most of us, the whole thing is confusing, right? Don’t worry. Chad and I have been working with Judge to give you the foremost insight into what blockchain is and what it means to recruiting. And we’ve made it easy for you. Just go to to download this free resource. That’s Or you can hit up today. Let’s go to the news: Turns out, active candidates just aren’t enough these days. Not with the unemployment rate under 4 percent anyway. That’s probably why Palo Alto startup Uncommon has bolted on automated sourcing to its original programmatic job advertising solution. Users will start seeing an Active button on their dashboard – these are the candidates that come in via advertising – and a Passive button, which is where automatically sourced candidates will be highlighted. These candidates – 150 million resumes strong – have been obtained by a third party vendor that pulls resumes from a variety of job boards and resume depositories. Uncommon CEO Teg Grenager said, “Adoption of sourcing automation tools like Uncommon over the next few years will give recruiters a breakthrough in productivity, while at the same time allowing them to focus on the human connection with the interested and qualified candidates.” Pricing runs between $100/mo. And $400/mo. depending on usage. The company says its new tool can cut sourcing time by 75 percent. Learn more at … and, full disclosure, Uncommon is a sponsor of this very podcast. Be sure to tune into the weekly show for deeper opinion on news you hear on The Shred. Once again, thanks to our sponsor Wondering how blockchain impacts recruitment, head on over to (no upper case letters, one word) or visit and click the Judge logo. Cheesman out.

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