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Chad & Cheese discuss a wide variety of topics and current news stories around recruiting, human resources, and employment. Hiring companies, employers, and vendors tune in weekly for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups, and more.

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The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.

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Firing Squad: BrightHire's Teddy Chestnut

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
While the world of recruiting is running toward a future of automation and a process devoid of human beings, others are championing a hybrid approach: Part human, part machine.
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Unicorn Status

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Bolstered by an additional $125 million of Series D funding, and a company valuation reaching $1.7 billion Personio has established financial stability to continue its rapid growth, while achieving the title of ‘unicorn’ at the same time.
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Greenhouse Green

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
Hallelujah podcasts can't be impeached! Because Chad & Cheese are always dancing on the line of what's legal in at least 17 states, and this week is no exception.
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Greenhouse Lands $500M Investment

The Chad & Cheese Podcast
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