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Workey and Clustree Get Paid | TaskRabbit Grows | Kalo is ‘Badass’ | Olivia & Mya Get Competition | Recruitics Gets All Analyticky

It was a busy week. Economic megatrends continue to take hold. There are more job openings than ever before, and that has invigorated the gig economy and put recruiters in a strong sellers market for many positions. TaskRabbit, where anyone who will deliver your laundry or fix your door hinge can make cash, is growing into new markets. Kalo, a Silicon Valley darling, has investment cash and hope to be a “badass recruiting engine.” And times are so tight that the Secret Service is employing these types now.

Tech continues to march on too. Workey and Clustree get buckets of cash, making this technology even hotter than ever before. There’s a new competitor in the chatbot landscape, which probably makes services like Mya and Olivia that much more valuable. Recruitics launches a solution that should’ve been introduce about 15 years ago. But, hey, better late than never, right?

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