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More About Leadership Junkies and Cardivera

Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews founded Cardivera in 2019 to change the heart of leadership. Part of that mission was to create this podcast to carry the message to the world and provide implementable ideas that leaders can use to grow themselves, their teams, and their businesses.

We believe that the difference between good versus thriving organizations is four things:

  1. Leadership – It’s clear that there’s a leadership gap that’s continuing to grow. While there are some good managers and a few who do well at running their business, the evidence shows that we are failing at building strong teams and growing and developing our people. In other words, too many businesses are surviving rather than thriving.
  2. People First — Leadership has always been and will always be about people — building trust, empowering people, inspiring influence and creating collaborative impact as a team. When leaders and organizations commit to and invest in growing their people, they reduce costs, increase engagement, improve execution, amplify profits and accelerate growth. When you put your people first in words and action, you create the secret sauce for a thriving and sustainable business.
  3. Impact Attention and Awareness – Most people issues in organizations are in some way the result of a lack of impact attention and awareness. While most organizations have goals, the true objective for great organizations is impact – impact for our clients, our team and the community. In order to create impact you must be committed to growing your impact attention and awareness.
  4. Think and Do Different – Too many leaders and organizations are continuing to do business, solve problems and pursue opportunities the same way they’ve been doing for many years. The world has changed and this is no longer a viable approach. We share ideas and interview guess to help our listeners think different and to do different. This involves shaking things up and shifting our perspectives and actions while we’re shaking. The ideas, approaches and solutions that we share with our listeners are unique and impactful.

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The Team

Craig Mathews

Craig Mathews Investor and advisor, serial entrepreneur, and Leadership Junkie - CEO of Cardivera.

Jeff Nischwitz

Jeff Nischwitz Inspirational speaker, leadership coach, snow globe shaker and impact creator - Chief Shift Officer of Cardivera.