Stories of America's Greatest Heroes

Ken Harbaugh tells the stories of service members who have distinguished themselves through an act of valor. These stories feature recipients from the Civil War to present day, including a few who were originally overlooked for the medal.

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Alonzo Cushing

| S:3 E:3

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MA2 Michael Monsoor

Medal of Honor | S:4 E:2
Master-at-Arms Second Class Michael Monsoor was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor after giving his life to defend fellow SEALs in Iraq....
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LT COL Rascon: No Soldier Left Behind

Medal of Honor | S:4 E:1
LT COL Rascon was awarded the Medal of Honor for recovering wounded soldiers in Vietnam and shielding them from grenades with his own body....
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Fernando García

Medal of Honor | S:3 E:8
During an engagement with China’s People's Volunteer Army in the Korean War, Fernando García gave his life to protect fellow Marines, for which he...
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Henry Erwin

Medal of Honor | S:3 E:7
Henry Erwin received the Medal of Honor for saving a plane full of his comrades, though he suffered severe injuries that required multiple surgeri...
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