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Evergreen Podcasts Lands Large Out-Of-The Box Recruitment Platform Sponsor

Evergreen Podcasts Lands Large Out-Of-The Box Recruitment Platform Sponsor

Clinch Recruitment Marketing has partnered with Evergreen Podcasts to sponsor the tech-meets-HR show HCM Technology Report and Crazy and the King, a dynamic dialogue that destroys the diversity and inclusion narrative. Clinch is an out-of-the-box recruitment platform for attracting and building a talent pipeline, nurturing the candidate experience, and engaging employees.

The partnership is an ideal match for Evergreen’s original content on HCM Technology Report and Crazy and the King, which addresses topics ranging from (un)transparent performance reviews to self-nominating for awards and beyond. Hosts Julie Sowash and Torin Ellis chase a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore. Sowash is executive director for Disability Solutions and works with federal contractors to attract and retain qualified job seekers with disabilities. Ellis works with company leaders to identify inhibitors that stall diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) objectives during recruitment.

“Torin and I are thrilled to have Clinch join the fantastic organizations supporting the DEIB conversation we have each week on Crazy and the King,” Sowash says. “Recruitment marketing and employer brand messaging to underrepresented talent is a critical component of successful DEIB strategies.”

In today’s competitive hiring environment, finding great talent is a demanding and tall order for employers across industries, and recruiters can feel like they’re just filling buckets. The collaboration between Evergreen Podcasts and Clinch Recruitment Marketing will educate listeners about empowering tools that can help recruiters find the right fit, and their messaging aligns with themes shared on Crazy and the King.

“At Clinch, we take pride in revolutionizing the way companies attract, nurture, and convert high-quality talent into leads and successful hires both internally and externally,” says Carrie Gilliam, Vice President Marketing, Clinch. “We hope this sponsorship will help us with the mission to provide recruiters with innovative career sites that allow all aspects of hiring and onboarding.”

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