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In a sea of music podcasts, where Rolling Stone and The New York Times’ Popcast loom atop the “New & Noteworthy” list, one new podcast rivals the big fish. It’s Riffs on Riffs, the new show presented by Evergreen Podcasts that explores original and sampled tracks in popular music. From Joe Cocker to Prince, Alicia Keys to Stevie Nicks, Wu-Tang Clan to Jay-Z, this podcast helps listeners uncover how their favorite tunes got their sound. It’s a masterful and historical exploration of popular music with a bold, sharp glimpse into your record collection.

Season One Episode List
Ep. 1: California Woman… Listen NOW!
Ep. 2: The Edge of Police Booty… Listen NOW!
Ep. 3: Underdog Ain’t Nuthin’ to Mess With… Listen NOW!
Ep. 4: 99 Problems and a Big Fire Ain’t One… Available October 24th!
Ep. 5: Look, You Made Me Too Sexy… Available October 31st!
Ep. 6: Thank You for Sittin’ In My Rhythm Nation... Available November 7th!
Ep. 7: When Doves Pray... Available November 14th!
Ep. 8: The Hamilton Hip Hop MixTape... Available November 21st!

“I’ve been captivated by the riffs and samples that have inspired most of today’s pop and rock hits,” notes Riffs on Riffs host, Joe Watson, “and this podcast takes a deep dive into the obscure and ubiquitous samples that drive the music industry.”

This is a show by avid music fans, for avid music fans.

The team has a wide range of music experience including Audio Director, Michael Seifert (multi-platinum Music Producer, known for his work with Dave Matthews and Bone Thugs n’ Harmony), hosts, Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell (guitarist and mc/rapper), and Creative Director, David Moss (bassist and lead vocalist in his own indie-rock band, MOSSOM). “As a group of musicians, it’s a show that we were all craving so we crafted a podcast that we like to listen to, and we know you will too,” adds Riffs on Riffs Producer, Julie Fink, former DJ for a Rhythmic Top 40 Radio Station (HOT 98.1).

About Riffs on Riffs
Riffs on Riffs is a podcast that studies sampling in popular music. Hosts, Joe Watson and Toby Brazwell connect the musical dots between legendary tracks and the often not-so-well-known songs they sampled. You’ll hear behind the scenes stories of musicians and their inspiration — like being in the studio as the artist creates a new song on an old riff. Don’t be surprised to find yourself saying, “I can’t believe that’s where this song came from!” Learn how these epic songs drew from music of the past and paid it forward, enriching the musical landscape for future generations.

About Evergreen Podcasts
Evergreen Podcasts is a community where people think big without talking down. We are boots on the ground storytellers, who love capturing the color and diversity of modern makers. From entrepreneurs and musicians, to philosophers and artists, we are in the business of uniting audiences.

EvergreenPodcasts.com hosts a diverse and dynamically curated blend of creative shows, featuring a wide range of lifestyle and niche programming. Our network features a myriad of entertaining shows, rooted in high creative values and production quality.

Listen up. Listen in. Listen good. EvergreenPodcasts.com.
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Where you can listen:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/riffs-on-riffs/id1437810211?mt=2
Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-front-porch-people/riffs-on-riffs-2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riffsonriffs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/riffsonriffsyo

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