Evergreen Podcasts Partners With Your Teen Media to Launch Parenting Podcast

Evergreen Podcasts Partners With Your Teen Media to Launch Parenting Podcast

Evergreen Podcasts (Evergreen), a Cleveland, Ohio-based podcast publisher, is proud to announce a partnership with Your Teen Media (Your Teen). This partnership adds a new genre, Parenting, to the growing Evergreen show catalog.

Founded in 2007, Your Teen is the leading source for parents seeking the highest quality parenting information and advice about raising teenagers. Friends and co-founders, Sue Borison and Stephanie Silverman, are the hosts of the new Your Teen with Sue and Steph podcast.

You’ll be an immediate fan from the opening banter between Sue and Steph that tackles universal parenting struggles with unique honesty and contagious laughter. No more shying away from the ups and downs of parenting teenagers in 2019. Raising teens is a tough business, but Sue and Steph find the humor and share their personal battles and solutions. As an added bonus, the show features interviews with some of the most exciting and well-respected names in the field of parenting and teenage psychology, including Julie Lythcott-Haims (author of How To Raise An Adult), Lisa Damour (author of Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Into Adulthood), and Wendy Mogel (author of The Blessings of a Skinned Knee.)

"I was desperate to do a podcast. Sue was late to the game, but recently took a deep and obsessive dive. When Evergreen approached us, we were thrilled. Evergreen has been the dream partner. And we love that they are based in our hometown of Cleveland," says Your Teen co-founder and host, Stephanie Silverman.

"Stephanie and Sue are natural talents behind the microphone and as co-hosts,” adds Evergreen Producer, Hannah Leach. “Their lighthearted energy and passion for their work is contagious.”

Your Teen episodes are available every other Tuesday on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music, and EvergreenPodcasts.com.

Embracing the Gift of Failure with Jessica Lahey
Sue and Stephanie checked podcast off their bucket list. They are over-the-moon to be sharing their first episode of Your Teen with Sue and Steph. They delight in retelling the making of Your Teen Media, they reveal some of their most meaningful "a-ha" moments as parents, and they marvel at the wisdom of their friend and guest, Jessica Lahey, author of "The Gift of Failure."

Life Skills Your Teen Should Know Before Graduation
How do parents ensure that their college-bound kids have the launch skills they need to thrive on campus... and what are parents unconsciously doing to prevent these skills from taking shape? This week, author of How To Raise an Adult and former Dean of Students at Stanford University Julie Lythcott-Haims gives it to Sue and Steph straight up.

Want To Be A Good Mother? Be Good To Yourself
Being a caregiver means constant emotional output. After acting as a nurturing force all day long, who makes sure mom is feeling nurtured and emotionally refueled? Suniya Luthar of Authentic Connections is creating the space for mothers to support one another long after the uninhibited conversations of the daycare days are gone.

Give Respect to Get Respect (Even When It's Hard)
This week, Sue and Steph chat with educator and true teen whisperer Amy Speidel about the importance of modeling the attitudes we want to see in our teens, plus the huge rewards that small changes can make in our parent-child relationships.

It's More Than What We Say, It's How We Say It
Are you ever mid-conversation with your teen when they suddenly ask you to stop yelling at them? Since when is what you're considered doing yelling? It's more complicated than you think. Wendy Mogel, author of "Voice Lessons for Parents," explains.

About Your Teen Media
Your Teen Media developed out of personal passion but grew out of universal need. As they were wondering whether their teens’ struggles were normal, or whether their parenting woes were typical, other parents were dealing with the same insecurities. Unfortunately, the books and magazines they had relied on when their children were younger didn’t much help with teenagers. And so, Your Teen Magazine was born.

About Evergreen Podcasts
Evergreen Podcasts features a growing catalog of entertaining podcasts, rooted in high creative values and production quality. We are a community where people think big, capturing the color and diversity of modern makers. From entrepreneurs and musicians, to philosophers and artists, Evergreen is in the business of uniting audiences with boots-on-the-ground storytellers.

Evergreen Podcasts works with top brands and thought leaders to tell inspiring stories through branded content, original shows, and partner podcasts. Ask us how our comprehensive podcast production, creative marketing and distribution solutions can help connect your brand to a broader audience. Evergreen is a proud member of the Front Porch Media Network.

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