Something About The Beatles

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Hosted by award-winning author Robert Rodriguez, SATB explores The Beatles's history with authoritative sources and witnesses. It strives to peel back decades of myth and misinformation to reveal the true miracles behind the art, achievements and legacy of The Beatles.

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About Something About The Beatles

All episodes of SATB feature conversations. Sometimes they are with Beatles authorities: writers or academics who’ve done the research and come up with a thesis. Others are with folks in the business: musicians who were inspired by The Beatles and who’ve walked the walk – written songs, recorded records, gone on tour. They know the ins and outs of Beatles music.

Then there are the Beatle witnesses: folks who knew the individual Beatles well, either by direct family relations (Mike McCartney, Jenny Boyd), working directly for The Beatles (Kevin Harrington, Chris O’Dell, Ken Mansfield, Chris Thomas, Alan Parsons, John Leckie, Tony King, and so forth) or else spending considerable time in their world (journalist Ray Connolly, photographer Ethan Russell, journalist Ivor Davis, photographer Tom Murray, filmmaker Paul Saltzman, Nancy Lee Andrews, May Pang, and so forth). These people come to SATB to share their insights and observations, bringing us that much closer to the world The Beatles created.

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Meet The Host


The Team

Gary Wenstrup

Administrative Support
Gary is a renowned lecturer on rock/pop artists of the sixties and seventies.

Rick Wey

Executive Producer
Rick has also provided original Beatles artwork for every show from the beginning.