StartUp Lakewood

Explore the trials and tribulations of rustbelt entrepreneurs who are taking risks and defying expectations in hustling Lakewood, Ohio. Entrepreneurs enjoy this open, liberal, individualistic, yet supportive city. While not as large as our next door neighbor, Cleveland, our startup stories are just as big.

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The Free Spirit

| S:1 E:3

Vince Frantz embodies The Free Spirit through his passion for skateboarding and for his company, Sprokets. Specializing in user experience, Vince highlights the creative side of Lakewood's business sector.

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The Oracle

StartUp Lakewood | S:1 E:6
Todd sees the macro-trends swirling all around us, which enables him to provide insightful and actionable strategies around them.
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The Veteran

StartUp Lakewood | S:1 E:5
Bill was gracious, insightful, humorous, and honest in his description of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Bill was a once in a lifetime big-thinker and risk-taker so we take solace in the fact that his wisdom will be available to all.
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The Visionary

StartUp Lakewood | S:1 E:4
Matt Fish had a vision for gourmet grilled cheese, which led to one of America's most iconic restaurants: Melt.
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The Leader

StartUp Lakewood | S:1 E:2
Tom Fraser carries the mantle of a leader as a homegrown champion of Lakewood's entrepreneurs and businesses.
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