StartUp Lakewood

Explore the trials and tribulations of rustbelt entrepreneurs who are taking risks and defying expectations in hustling Lakewood, Ohio. Entrepreneurs enjoy this open, liberal, individualistic, yet supportive city. While not as large as our next door neighbor, Cleveland, our startup stories are just as big.

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The Pioneer

| S:1 E:1

This debut podcast features an interview with Mike Besito, founder of Product Collective and former Entrepreneur in Residence of StartUp Lakewood. Our host, Michael DeAloia, asks Mike about pioneering the early endeavors of StartUp Lakewood to help entrepreneurs, business people, co-working spaces, educators, and more. Mike also shares how he successfully spearheaded efforts to bring a global conference to the city of Cleveland.

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The Leader

| S:1 E:2
Tom Fraser carries the mantle of a leader as a homegrown champion of Lakewood's entrepreneurs and businesses.
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