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5 Fun Family Activities for Mother’s Day - Audio Style

5 Fun Family Activities for Mother’s Day - Audio Style

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so it's time to turn up the volume and plan a memorable day with the moms in your life. If you're looking to add a splash of music and a sprinkle of podcast magic, check out these five audio-inspired ideas that will have the whole family rocking together. Bonus: We’ve got podcast recommendations to make this list a little easier to accomplish.

1. Attend a Live Music Concert or Festival

Nothing beats the magic of live music! Choose a concert that features music your family loves, whether it's jazz, classical, or contemporary. Many cities have special Mother's Day concerts. Just search for events in your area!

2. Create a Family Music Playlist and Listen Together

Compile a playlist of your family's favorite tracks, including mom's cherished songs. Title the playlist with a special memory or inside joke and share it amongst each other for years of musical prosperity!

3. Host a Family Karaoke Night

Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app! Sing together as a family or hold a friendly competition. Singing encourages joy, laughter, and maybe a bit of competition!

4. Visit an Interactive Museum or Science Center with Audio Experiences

Look for museums or science centers with sound-based exhibits. Some have rooms to explore sound frequencies, while others have historical audio stories. It’s educational, interactive, and fun for all ages.

5. Podcast Listening Party

Grab your favorite snacks and cuddle up for a podcast listening party. It's a wonderful way to prompt meaningful conversations and learn more about each other. Here are some of our favorite picks to keep the celebration going:

Family-Friendly Podcasts

Are you trying to find new ways to educate your children? Do you want to improve on your parenting skills? We’ve got you covered!

Storytime Anytime with the Twin Sisters®

Music, storytime, and learning go hand-in-hand in this delightful kids podcast. Explore fun topics like dinosaurs, sharks, animals, and more with Twin Sisters Digital Media and Evergreen.

Mermaids Under the Sea

Dive into Storytime Anytime and explore the magical Land of the Mermaids, where sandcastles shimmer, coral trees sway, and mermaids ride seahorses all day. When a new mermaid emerges looking different from the rest, will she be accepted?

In this episode, kids will learn about diversity and celebrate what makes us all unique and special. Plus, discover fascinating facts about seahorses—did you know male seahorses carry and deliver babies? The song "Male Seahorses Do Amazing Things" will teach kids fun facts about these incredible creatures.

Join us for enchanting stories and catchy songs that celebrate diversity and teach important life skills in a positive and engaging way. Grab your fins and tune in for a splash of fun under the sea!

Hearing Jesus for Kids with Rachael Groll

Do your kids want to know more about the Bible but find it hard to understand? Are they curious about sharing their faith with friends but don't know where to start? This show connects the Bible to everyday life in a way kids can relate to. Rachael Groll is the host of Hearing Jesus and Hearing Jesus For Kids podcasts and the founder and author of "She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus and Go".

In Case You Ever Feel Alone with Guest Max Lucado

In this special episode of Hearing Jesus for Kids, Rachael invites pastor Max Lucado to share his wisdom on overcoming loneliness. As a powerful storyteller, father, grandpa, and pastor, Max speaks from the heart and offers comforting advice to kids who may feel alone.

Tune in for a heartfelt conversation that will bless and uplift your spirit!

Mom-Centric Podcasts

Mother's Day is May 12, 2024. Moms, treat yourself to laughter, insider gripes, and positivity with the other women who just get it.

That's Total Mom Sense Podcast

Welcome to the ultimate mom-hood celebration! Hosted by Kanika Chadda Gupta, a seasoned CNN journalist and mother of three, this podcast dives into candid conversations with a star-studded lineup of guests, from Chelsea Clinton to Kelly Rowland. Get ready for insightful stories and wisdom that inspire and connect moms everywhere.

Marketing, Media, & Motherhood

In this episode, Kanika interviews the Mom 2.0 husband-and-wife duo John and Carrie Pacini to discuss the genesis of their annual summit and community. She also hosts a live podcast with author and advocate Jen Hatmaker. Additionally, Kanika chats with attendees Frenchi Ferenczi and Tosha Schore about building their thriving coaching businesses catering to women in business and parents raising mindful children.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation on marketing, media, and motherhood!

The Homemaker’s Club Podcast with Ashley Cravens

The Homemaker's Club is a sisterhood of women who cherish the traditions of making a house a home. Join Ashley Cravens and her friends as they discuss the joys and challenges of homemaking while celebrating those extraordinary little moments that make homemaking special.

Restoration & The Heart of Home

In this episode, Alex joins Ashley at the kitchen table for a lovely chat about restoration and the influence home has on the heart. Together, they explore topics like surrender, redemption, and gratitude for the daily rhythms of homemaking. They also discuss navigating hardships, finding inspiration in the Proverbs 31 woman, and managing time with grace.

Grab a cup of tea and join them for an encouraging and inspiring conversation!

Make this Mother’s Day unforgettable with these audio-inspired activities and podcast picks. Whether you're singing your heart out at a karaoke night or tuning into a mom podcast, it's all about creating joyful, shared experiences with the people you love the most! Find Evergreen's full collection of family-focused podcasts here, and share with the ones you love most!

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