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5 Podcasting Myths Debunked

5 Podcasting Myths Debunked

1- Podcasts cost money // They are free

Podcasts are free for anyone to listen. They are available on various listening platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, Google Play, and more! Simply go to the app store on your listening device (phone, laptop, smart TV), download one of these platforms, and then search for the podcast you want to listen to. If you have an iPhone, the Apple Podcasts app is already installed!

Note: There are a few podcasts that offer paid versions that include bonus features, but you have to go to their website and opt in.

2- It's too hard to find a podcast show I want to listen to // There are magical ways

iTunes is a great tool to find a podcast show. I recommend using the desktop version for best user experience. Search for episodes using keywords or names that intrigue you. You don’t have to listen to every episode of a podcast you follow. Simply check out the episode the keyword shows up in and see if you like it. If you like it, listen to a few more episodes from that show.

The beauty of podcasting is that there are thousands of shows on every topic. Look at it as an adventure. It’s kind of like searching on Netflix. You spend 10-20 minutes or more searching for an enticing show. Finally you find one that sparks something and you’re hooked. Or, your friend recommends a show. Podcasting is similar.

Search for the golden audio or talk to your friends that are podcast listeners! Podcasts are also like Netflix in that if you like one show, you’ll usually come to find other “suggestions” that are similar. If you like this show, you may also like these other five shows.

If all else fails, there are countless “Best Of” lists across the web that will give you the top 10 podcasts in any genre. From 8 Bookish Podcasts for the Lover of Literature to 10 Best Podcasts about Music, you’re sure to find something by searching for podcast articles in your niche.

3- Podcasts use too much data // You can download on wifi to play later

Using the podcast app of your choice, podcasts can be downloaded and saved to your phone memory while connected to Wifi. These audio files download within a few seconds. That way, if you are in the car or any place there is no Wifi connection, you can simply listen to the podcast without using any data. It’s just like clouding songs on Apple Music!

You can also subscribe to a podcast so episodes automatically download when new content becomes available.

Note: If listening to a podcast from a website and your phone is not connected to WiFi, then you would be using data.

4- Podcasts just aren’t for you // It’s a new form of content, you’ll dig it, just trust me

If there’s a topic you are passionate about, it’s likely there is a podcast (or many) covering it. Into listening to the news? There’s the Globalist, with over 1,700 episodes covering global news with hosts from a variety of countries who lend a variety of perspectives. Want some news with a comedic effect? Check out Retrotone News, modeled after Movietone newsreels of the 1930s, host Rodge Bigsby cuts the boloney and gives it to you straight.

Love music? Then you should check out Riffs on Riffs, a show all about connecting the dots between legendary tracks and the often lesser-known songs they sampled. Or Song Exploder, which is chalked full musicians taking apart their songs, and piece by piece, they tell the story of how they were made.

You get the idea! There’s a show on just about everything. Weird obsession with Harry Potter? Yep, there are a few Harry Potter podcasts out there. :)

5- You don’t have enough time to listen to podcasts // If it’s worth it, and adds value, we make time

With podcasts, you can listen to them anywhere, anytime from your phone or device. Wrap it into your morning routine, while doing laundry, in the shower, work commute... The list goes on! There are tons of podcasts that are short, 5-15 minutes in length. You can also start a podcast while you’re on the go, stop it when you need to and then pick up where you left off when you get back to it.

Podcasts are entertaining, informative, and fun. Sometimes we just need a good laugh or a good story. We can get a message or a nugget anywhere. Podcasts are just another avenue to get that piece of the puzzle we’re looking for. Ya know, like the lightbulb-moment thing?

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