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Tired of the malarkey coming from the mainstream media?

Well that stuff's history! Modeled after Movietone newsreels of the 1930s, our beloved Rodge Bigsby cuts the baloney and gives it to you straight.

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This Week in News: 3/15/19

| S:1 E:11

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This Week in News: 3/7/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:10
From SpaceX's galactic galavanting to Hickenlooper's 2020 Presidential run, Rodge has all the goods in this week's news minute!
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This Week In News: 3/1/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:09
Listen to This Week In News: 3/1/19

This Week in News: 2/21/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:08
Bernie 2020, famously spoiled cats, Supermoons, and super Kardashian scandal top headlines in this week's read Retrotone News.
Listen to This Week in News: 2/21/19

This Week in News: 2/14/19

Retrotone News | S:1 E:07
Valentine’s Day with no Sweetheart Candy Hearts? Ron Burgundy confused as he debuts podcast and Twitter is as cynical as ever. Listen Up!
Listen to This Week in News: 2/14/19

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The Team

Rodge Bigsby

Rodge Walker Bigsby was born to read the news. When he was 3, he rode his toy wagonette down to the local AM 1940, wriggled his way into the booth, and unbeknownst to producers, a legend was born.

Dave Douglas

Producer, Audio Engineer
Dave is an established audio professional with a diverse set of skills and experience. He also works as a composer, studio musician and live audio engineer.

Julie Fink

Julie (a.k.a. Big Julz) brings a unique blend of radio, broadcasting and creativity to her producer role.

Brigid Coyne

With a production background stemming from her education in Literature and the Liberal Arts, Brigid loves reading books and making terrible puns.

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