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This Week in News: 8/1/19

| S:1 E:30

On this episode of Retrone News Minute: Democratic Debaters go head to head in the Motor City, Disney’s “The Lion King” roars past another box office milestone, Rodge dolls it up with some end-of-summer trends and features the fan-favorite Bigsby’s Beat of the Week. Let ‘er rip!


Episode 30: August 1, 2019

TITLE: This Week in News: 8/1/19

HEADLINE: From the Democratic Debates to King of the Box Office and much more, Rodge Bigsby hits on all the major headlines!

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: On this episode of Retrone News Minute: Democratic Debaters go head to head in the Motor City, Disney’s “The Lion King” roars past another box office milestone, Rodge dolls it up with some end-of-summer trends and features the fan-favorite Bigsby’s Beat of the Week. Let ‘er rip!


Here is a snappy summary of the news – a weekly digest of the latest events and happenings at home and abroad. I’m your host, Rodge Bigsby and this is your Retrotone News Minute!

Greetings Mr. & Mrs. America and all the Bachelors in Baltimore... let’s get Maryland! Haha!


While most of the country was viewing the finale of the Bachelorette and AGT’s Judges Cuts round three, a handful of low-polling hopefuls took to the air and stage for a spirited debate in the Motor City on Tuesday. On the docket: Healthcare? Check. Tuition Debt? Check. Border Crisis, Reperations, Matching outfits… CHECK! So... Folks aired their trial balloon plans as fuel for BREAKING FREE of the 21 person traffic jam that is the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls. Why... we can only speculate the jabs and undertow to grip viewers on Wednesday, with heavy hitters like Biden, and Harris on deck. Looks like Elizabeth “Mockingjay” Warren and Bernie “Six-million Dollarman” Sanders had shields up.. and stood their ground. Moderates dive bombed the two progressive power players who struck inspirational chords amongst the Detroit audience, with Warren urging Democrats to shape up as "the party of big, structural change." And just what WILL winnow this unwieldy political catalog from 21 to 1? Seems it’s too early to tell. Perhaps it’s blowing a hole in the “political wonkiness” on darker issues, like racism and robot lawn mowers, from the view of the wild eyed longshot, Author Marriane Williamson, who wasn’t afraid to conjur up powerful outsider perspective on systemic hate, poverty, and powerlessness of millions of our citizens. One things for certain, it’s show time for the DNC.


‘The Lion King’ Becomes Fourth Disney Film to Cross $1 Billion This Year

Disney’s “The Lion King” roared past another box office milestone, crossing the billion-dollar mark after less than three weeks in theaters. The movie joins “Avengers: Endgame,” “Captain Marvel” and “Aladdin” as the fourth Disney title to surpass $1 billion in global ticket sales this year. It’s yet more evidence of the company’s utter dominance of the film space. Kudos to you Disney and Hakuna Matata!

1950's Fashion - Vintage Paris Catwalk Show (2:11 *you can cut it up); This has nothing to do with anything, but this Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum ad is fantastic (15 sec in)

Your Suddenly Shaplier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxXfcdMafYo



These Are The Last Ditch Outfits You Have To Try Before Summer Ends

Let’s face it ladies, the dog days will soon be over, as school starts soon, and the end-of-summer looks fade into the sunset. With that in mind, you might only have a handful of opportunities left to check off as many spaghetti strap dresses and lace-up sandals as you can get. Let’s keep the the summer vibes going! Here are some of Rodge’s best picks in styling for the sweltering heat...

  1. Rock a slim suit in lime. Vintage Chanel is a plus.
  2. A crochet dress with knee-high boots? Why the hell not?
  3. A Tangerine Mini-Dress
  4. Are boxing shorts the new gym shorts? I think yes!
  5. Bedazzled barrettes are so yesterday. Rodge suggests sporting a rhinestone collection reserved strictly for ballet flats from now on.
  6. Didn't anybody tell you? A properly fashioned nightgown works for both day and night!
  7. Fact: The only way to wear lace-up sandals is over your pants.
  8. Bubblegum pink is officially my favorite color of the summer, just FYI.
  9. And lastly, whoever said knitwear wasn't good for summer dressing obviously has no idea what they are talking about…. Also, farm girl chic. Still in.

4) Let’s gussy up for a night under the lights with Bigsby’s Beat of the Week...

Listen, Rodge is always true to you in my fashion AND my reading of the news. Just like Lisa Pembroke is true in her sweet crooning AND her fine rendition of this stylish Cole Porter singalong, “Always True to You in My Fashion”. Let ‘er rip!

(Note: the tune gets fired up at like 1:15 or so... and the choruses… later, lyrics mention Ohio near last chorus - the end is fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nt7nXHLfmkw)


And that's one for the Republic! I'm your host Rodge Bigsby and this has been news from Retrotone, a service of Evergreen Podcasts.

Until next time… make a good day! Yoo-Ha! Hashtag, RodgeBigsby

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