Celebrate Independence Day with these 8 Podcasts

Celebrate Independence Day with these 8 Podcasts

In honor of Independence Day this weekend, we put together a list of 8 podcast episodes about Americans that love their country. From Presidents to Veterans, these episodes will highlight Americans and their untold stories that are sure to keep you listening.

The First American Action Hero (George Washington)

This American President

We all know that George Washington was our first president, that he “could not tell a lie,” and that he supposedly had wooden teeth (he didn’t). However, to us, he seems to be a distant figure; more monument than man. He is as familiar as the one-dollar bill, but even there he looks old and grumpy. Is this the real George Washington? You might be surprised to find out that his contemporaries saw him very differently… They knew him as a warrior of the highest order.

This episode takes a closer look at the real George Washington; you may be surprised to find that he consistently plunged himself headlong into battle, making him the first American action hero.

Jacob Parrott

Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor is the nation's most prestigious military award, bestowed only to those who have distinguished themselves by going beyond the call of duty. This three-minute episode tells the brave story of Jacob Parrott, the first American to receive the award.

Bonus: The Rights of American Samoans

Burn the Boats

Sometimes we take for granted what it means to be American. Staff Sergeant Jeniffer Afualo-Robinson is a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and was born and raised in American Samoa, an American territory. In this episode, she discusses her struggles of being raised as an American but having to fight for that title.

General Laura Lenderman: Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself


In American culture, leadership is highly valued. Planning, inspiring, and directing is both difficult and crucial. In the Up2 Podcast, Adam Kaufman interviews leaders about their challenges, fears, and motivations.

This episode, Adam speaks to General Laura Lenderman about her relationship with, and the path to leadership.

“The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck

Novel Conversations

“The Grapes of Wrath” is considered to be an American classic. It follows a family of poor tenant farmers who are driven from their homes as they search for a brighter future beyond the dust bowl.

In this episode of Novel Conversations host Frank Lavallo (and friends) discuss the book and its portrayal of a truly American idea: The American Dream.

Three Cheers for the Republic!

Join the Evergreen team for Cheer, our holiday podcast series, as we celebrate the magic of the Fourth of July! Fireworks might be canceled this year but the spirit of America still shines, through our inspiring stories and iconic poems, that the whole family can enjoy.

"I Hear America Singing" Poem by Walt Whitman... LISTEN July 3!

Evergreen CEO, Michael DeAloia recites the poem, "I Hear America Singing" by the American poet Walt Whitman, first published in the 1860 edition of his book Leaves of Grass. Though the poem was written on the eve of the Civil War, it presents a vision of America as a harmonious community and brings the true spirit of America to the forefront of our trying times.

Charlie Chaplin's Final Speech... LISTEN July 4!

Evergreen Producer, Julie Fink celebrates this 4th of July with an inspiring clip from Charlie Chaplin’s first full sound movie, “The Great Dictator.” Charlie’s call for peace in The Final Speech of The Great Dictator provides an excellent road map of how a citizenry can conquer the issues that divide us. It's an impassioned plea for brotherhood and sisterhood and goodwill for all. Happy Independence Day!

"The Charge Of The Light Brigade" Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson... LISTEN July 4!

This patriotic poem is a dramatic tale, memorializing the events in the Battle of Balaclava, October 25, 1854. Rodge Bigsby, Host of the Retrotone Podcast, recites the poem emphasizing the valor of the cavalry in bravely carrying out their orders, regardless of the nearly inevitable outcome.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts. From everyone here at Evergreen, have a great Fourth of July!

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