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Women, We Hear You

Women, We Hear You

Breaking through ceilings, redefining popular culture and advancing society—we are talking about women. And not just during Women’s History Month in March. (which started in 1982 as a weeklong nod to the contributions women have made to the country.)

From first ladies to trailblazers, we tell their stories and they speak for themselves.

As we give special attention to women’s achievements this month, Evergreen Podcasts invites you to sample some of our collection of for women, by women about women series.

From First Lady to Jackie O

Inspired and Hosted by Paul Brandus, author of Jackie: Her Transformation from First Lady to Jacki O

The iconic Jackie Kennedy Onassis was married to two of the 20th century’s most powerful men. But there’s so much more to her story. Between those marriages, she was on her own for five years, experiencing losses and ready to live life on her own terms. This podcast tells the stories of a woman who wasn’t on the A-list—she was the A-list.

Pigeon Kings

Filmed by Milena Pastreich

Milena Pastreich is a Los Angeles, Calif.-based filmmaker with German roots, and an alumna of Berlinale Talents, Film Independent, Women at Sundance, and Women in Film. Here, she tells the story of the South Central Rollers—men who gather to compete in pigeon rolling, which involves a kit (group) of pigeons that can do synchronized somersaults in the air. Her work follows Los Angeles’ No. 1 pigeon roller, Keith London, as she reveals how he mentors a roller named Choo Choo.

Unleash Your Supernova

Hosted by Nova Lorraine

A gutsy founder and rainmaker, Nova Lorraine shows us how to survive the journey of creative entrepreneurship in Unleash Your Supernova. Tips, hacks, wisdom, lessons-learned—she wants you to thrive in your personal journey. Beat burnout, increase creativity and find success on the rocky road of entrepreneurship with insight from Nova.

Ohio v. The World

A Brainchild of Alex Hastie

Ohio V. The World is dedicated to Buckeye State history, and the Ohio V. First Ladies episode takes us to Canton’s National First Ladies and Historic Site to hear from Jennifer Highland, president and CEO. Did you know that Ohio is home to eight First Ladies? Listen as host Alex Hastie visits the museum and library while Jennie shares stories.

Like What You Hear?

At Evergreen Podcasts, we are boots-on-the-ground storytellers, and we love capturing the color and diversity of modern markers. Check out our channels to explore backstories and insights from entrepreneurs, musicians, philosophers, artists, historians and beyond.

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