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McDonald’s Goes All-In on Snapchat | Amazon Wants to Buy Slack | Entelo Gets $20 Million

What started out as a slow week certainly turned up as time passed. Entelo received $20 million in funding, and the boys discuss what’s really behind all the money flowing into A.I. Can you say “land grab”? Amazon, yes, that Amazon is rumored to be bidding on Slack to the tune of $9 billion. That’s with a “b” folks.

McDonald’s is looking to hire 250,000 employees this season in the U.S. and are going to rely on Snapchat to fill a few of those positions. The bet is sure to make competitors stand-up and take notice. Snaplications are officially a thing now. Indeed has officially launched Career Pages in an attempt to appeal to small businesses, and at least one of the boys has a guess on where the company is going next.

The show welcomes a new advertiser this week. A big welcome to Wonscore by Wonderlic. Check ’em out (there’s an exclusive deal). And keep going to current sponsors America’s Job Exchange and

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