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Personio Rides the Dinosaur

It's a new day in America. New president. New Vice President, who's also a minority woman! The new attitude in the New World, if you will. The sun rose and the weight has been lifted. Unfortunately for you, dear listener, this is the same craptastic podcast you've grown to love (or at least tolerate). Rejoice!

This week, money continues to flow as Personio rides the dinosaur HR industry into "Unicorn" status and a game of Buy-or-Sell ensues. Alabama is ground zero for workers-of-the-world uniting against Amazon, ya'll, WFH is a financial coup for companies while workers get f'd, and lastly, Brits think they know best when it comes to mood tracking. Hey, this isn't the '70s! Take that mood ring nonsense and put it in your fish-and-chips!

Anyway, enjoy this Sovren, JobAdx, & Jobvite powered production.

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