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TECH WARS: Amazon vs. Walmart

This week has a little bit of everything. First, it's a heavyweight fight between Amazon and Walmart for which one's a soulless pit of human misery and which one is an employee-friendly innovator.

After digging through the carnage, the boys dive into a little Buy-or-Sell, featuring, Apna, and eqtble (dare you to type that into autocorrect and see what happens).

After that, take a mental trip to Colorado and hear why some employers don't want remote workers that hail from The Highest State. What, you greedy bastards want more? How about some podcast industry chatter and the "Waffle House Challenge." What the hell's the "Waffle House Challenge"?

You gotta listen. As always, the podcast is powered by Sovren, Jobvite, and JobAdx.

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