Death of a Film Star

The Stories Behind your Favorite Stars

From Heath Ledger to Marilyn Monroe, Chadwick Boseman to James Dean, these are the stories of the stars who will never fade – adored, unforgettable, unique. The inside tales, the scandals, the truth about who they really were.

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About Death of a Film Star

A follow-up from Crowd’s popular Death of Rock Star and Death of a Sports Star series, Death of a Film Star will delve into the stories of incredible stars whose performances moved us, and whose work and legacies live on in generations of fans.

From Heath Ledger, the iconic Aussie actor whose 2008 death stunned fans, to Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther icon and recent Golden Globe winner, as well as the likes of Carrie Fisher, James Dean, Judy Garland and Robin Williams.

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