How Do You Know
What's True?

That's the premise behind "Disinformation" - with award-winning Evergreen host Paul Brandus. Get ready for amazing stories - war, espionage, corruption, elections, and assorted trickery showing how false information is turning our world inside out - and what we can do about it. A co-production of Evergreen and Emergent Risk International.

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Fighting Back: How to Battle Disinformation

| S:1 E:13


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Retrospective - S1E3

A look back at some material from our first season – highlighting the growing dangers of disinformation, but also some ideas on how, perhaps, it c...
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The Pandemic - Lessons Learned

Disinformation | S:1 E:16
The COVID-19 pandemic has faded, but health experts warm that future pandemics could occur. In terms of disinformation, what lessons have we learn...
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Hearts and Minds in Africa - Russia's International Disinformation Campaign

Disinformation | S:1 E:15
Russia may be losing the public opinion battle in North America and Europe, but it has plenty of support elsewhere....
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Fake Bombs & Fake Traffic Reports

Disinformation | S:1 E:14
Disinformation — like reports of a White House bomb blast — can move billions of dollars on Wall Street. Or it can snarl your morning commute....
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