How Do You Know
What's True?

That's the premise behind "Disinformation" - with award-winning Evergreen host Paul Brandus. Get ready for amazing stories - war, espionage, corruption, elections, and assorted trickery showing how false information is turning our world inside out - and what we can do about it. A co-production of Evergreen and Emergent Risk International.

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The Modern Election

| S:1 E:4


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The Pandemic

Disinformation | S:1 E:9
How dangerous anti-science beliefs and behaviors spread, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic....
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No Delete Button

Disinformation | S:1 E:8
On the second anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, we look at the government’s need to recalibrate its approach to domestic terrorism....
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A House Divided

Disinformation | S:1 E:7
Disinformation: What It Is, and What To Do About It...
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Lights and Wires In A Box

Disinformation | S:1 E:6
Disinformation: What It Is, and What To Do About It...
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